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Gifts for friend's Japanese parents 2019/7/16 21:33
Hello! So I live in the US and my Japanese friend's parents are coming here for a visit. I visited Japan with him and his family was kind enough to let me stay at theirs. I am meeting with them for dinner next month and was thinking of gifting a engraved pen for his dad (with his name on it) since he is a businessman, and a Gucci perfume for his mother. Would these gifts be considered be rude or offensive in any way?

Any other recommendations will also be appreciated.

Thank you!
by Brian (guest)  

Re: Gifts for friend's Japanese parents 2019/7/17 15:54
Why you ask stranger (mostly non-Japanese) in the forum when you can just ask your friend( who is Japanese ?)
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Re: Gifts for friend's Japanese parents 2019/7/20 06:20
@.. (guest)

Because it can't hurt to try to get other people's opinion. Duh.


Those gifts are not rude or offensive, but personally, I think they are a little much. Plus, the chance of the mother using the perfume is probably pretty low. Gift giving to friend's should be simple and inexpensive. That way the person receiving the gift does not feel like they need to gift you something of equal value the next time they see you. If they are visiting your home town, something that is unique to that town or food/snacks that they might not be able to get back in Japan should suffice. Even something like a reusable grocery bag with the towns name on it. I kid you not. Every time I visit Japan, I bring a couple bags of pistachio's that are grown in my town. Everyone loves them. In fact, I had family visit from Japan recently and my father in-law bought a bunch of them at the farmers market to hand out as gifts when he gets home. Hope this helps.
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Re: Gifts for friend's Japanese parents 2019/7/25 02:58

Brian -san
I am Japanese, and these gifts are great. Not offensive or rude in anyway. I dont know your age but these seem to be a bit pricy.
I wonder if your friend's mother uses purfume, and even she does, people are picky about what to use. If you want to give someting cosmetics ... I would rather choose handcream. Have a great gatheing in the States ^_^
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