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Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate 2019/7/17 13:25

I just wanted to gather some thoughts about visiting Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate in the Winter.

I was thinking of spending:
3 Nights - Aomori (Hirosaki Day Trip from here)
1 Night - Hakodate

I would do this on my way from Sendai to Sapporo.
However, if Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate are uninteresting/not worth visiting in the winter... I would probably try to commute directly from Sendai to Sapporo.

Any thoughts would be great! :)
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Re: Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate 2019/7/17 15:46
My friends and I enjoyed the stove train one winter on the way to Hokkaido when Shinkansen ended in Shin-Aomori those days https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/japan-winter-stove-train-tsugar...
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Re: Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate 2019/7/17 15:53
Are those places interesting in winter? It depends. Do you like snow?

Note that some of the "hot" places in the area are either closed (like the Bodai-ji on Osorezan) or not served by public transport (like lake Towada). Other than those, it's exactly the same as it is the rest of the year, except the snow.
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Re: Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate 2019/7/18 09:03
I usually do two nights in Aomori and in winter some of the places to visit get closed due to snow. certainly enough interesting things to look at - not sure about three nights. You could detour via Akita for one night and then get the resort train around the coast via Gono line.
I find an over-night in Hakodate enough for me.
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Re: Aomori/Hirosaki/Hakodate 2019/7/19 02:54
I would spend more time in Hakodate than in Aomori. Hakodate seems a charming city to me!

I really enjoyed Hirosaki too, but I've been there in Autumn. Aomori seems nice, the problem is that I just spend few hours walking nearby Aomori Sta. and eating at Nokkedon.
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