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Sole parental responsibility 2019/7/18 14:19
Ifm a single mum with a 7 year old daughter, soon moving to England on a fiance visa ( which we gonna process next year) to marry my british boyfriend and live there, already have my other documents that I needed and one thing I couldnft have any information of is about the gsole parental responsibilityh document that I needed how and where to get it here in japan, add on to that I donft have my daughterfs biological father names on her birth certificate, no contacts or child support ever since she was born.

Hope I can find some answers that I really need, please and thank you.
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Re: Sole parental responsibility 2019/7/18 18:35
Congratulations on your engagement. I am assuming your are Japanese and your daughter was born in Japan?

That document is a court document/order (upon divorce) about the custody of/responsibility over the child under the UK law.

I doubt that equivalent of that would be available at all in Japan; the system in Japan is different - Japanese marriages can be dissolved only through reporting (if both parties agree), and decisions concerning child custody, assets, and responsibilities can be written down in the divorcing couplefs agreement, without involving the court (again, if both parties agree).

The only thing I can think of is to get an English translation of your gkoseki tohon,h with your daughter in it and no mention of the father (I am assuming). So that it should be obvious that there was no recognition (Fm) by the father. This is about the only thing I can think of that you can obtain in Japan. You could ask a translation company that also provides notary service for use in the UK i؃T[rXj, or ask at the British Embassy in Japan.

But since this is a UK law matter, it might be better to get your British boyfriend to ask a family law attorney in the UK about what they would do in case of single mothers.
Best wishes.
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Re: Sole parental responsibility 2019/7/18 21:46
I never been married so a document such as divorce paper is irrelevant, a friend told me to get a family lawyer or go to court to get sole parental responsibility /child custody document. Ifd been in some certain UK visa group on Facebook and most of their responses are ghaving just a birth certificate even though the biological father is not recorded wouldnft satisfy the UK immigration or wouldnft believe that I have sole custody of my childh that kept me thinking a lot and been trying to find some answer everywhere. I donft know if it is possible we can just get family lawyer in UK to get the document done that I need although I live here in japan at the moment. Getting such document and get it translated it is quite expensive ..
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Re: Sole parental responsibility 2019/7/18 23:39
I think this is a matter of immigration law in UK, not really a family law. You should check with UK immigration office (or immigration lawyer) how to prove "sole parental responsibility" since according to japan law when child is born to unmarried couple only the mother has parental authority over the child, ie. she bears "sole parental responsibility" by law.
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