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Hakone Pirate Ship 2019/7/18 18:28
Hi everyone!

I read the recommendation to upgrade to first class to avoid the crowd. For first class you get a nice frontal cabin as well as upper deck. My question is - We will take the ship from Togendai to Hakone-machi. Thus, we are sailing away from Mt Fuji. Would we still get a good view of Mt Fuji by standing on the 1st class open air deck? Won't the view be obstructed? How about the indoor cabin since it is front facing?
Secondly, I know that our Hakone Free Pass covers the trips. However, when we purchase the 1st class upgrade when we board at Togendai, is it only valid until we step off the ship at Hakone-machi? We plan to stop at Hakone-machi for lunch then continue on the ship to Moto-hakone. Is our 1st class upgrade still valid for this leg?

Thanks, Mel
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Re: Hakone Pirate Ship 2019/7/19 08:23
You pay for the upgrade when you get on. If you get off, that is the end of that use. The "second" leg is only 10 minutes. The walk through the check-point and the cedar avenue is nice and easy so you could do that - including locations for Fuji views.
As for value of the 1st class lounge - I've never felt the need or inclination for it.
IF it is a clear day, then you can get a view of Fuji from the boat. With Owakudani off limits (and the suspension of the ropeway), the free-pass is not as good value and your loop will involve extra buses.
Other point/comment, getting the pirate ship from Togendai makes for a really boring wait if your timing is wrong - I always do clock-wise - fewer people, more pleasant, better connections. I tried the restaurant at Togendai my last visit, it was ok.
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Re: Hakone Pirate Ship 2019/7/19 15:14
Thanks for your response. If I do clockwise loop I read that Fuji View isnft so good on the rope way (if itfs open by then)..?
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Re: Hakone Pirate Ship 2019/7/19 15:27
A view of mt Fuji from Hakone isnft assured from ANY place. It depends on the visibility of that day. So if your only reason to go to Hakone is to see mt Fuji be prepared for a major delusion. There are still enough nice things to do in Hakone though.
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Re: Hakone Pirate Ship 2019/7/19 16:12
The ropeway/gondola are basically glass bubbles. The view might be influenced by which way you are facing, but either direction you pass the same points. Not sure why someone would save clockwise is worse.
From a lot of experience, I simply avoid the more crowded anti-clock-wise route. Last time I got stuck at Togendai for 40 minutes so I sat by the lake. Not sure where the hundreds of other people stood in a queue for a non-existent boat for so long. I joined the queue once they started boarding - saw a lot of grumpy/unhappy tourists that day.
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Re: Hakone Pirate Ship 2019/7/19 17:11
Ok.. will change to clockwise. Thanks for d heads up!
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