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Fish Markets 2019/7/20 12:01
I plan to visit Toyosu and Tsukiji Fish Markets for the food. Is it still worth going to Tsukiji? If so, any suggestions on the particular order of visiting? I'm staying in the Ueno area and plan to visit the market for breakfast/lunch and then head over to Odaiba.
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Re: Fish Markets 2019/7/20 15:31
The old Tsukiji market has been torn down already a few months ago. However the part with the restaurants and bars is there. So as long as you donft expect a fish MARKET but only a place to have a fish breakfast youfll be fine.
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Re: Fish Markets 2019/7/21 09:22
Tsukiji - a group of shops selling to the public. You can get good sushi/sashimi from thousands of places around Tokyo (and Japan) without going to Tsukiji.
Some of the freshest fish bypasses the wholesale market these days - sold on the fishing boats as soon as it is caught (the marvels of online video and sales tech) and delivered to a restaurant anywhere in Japan basically within 24 hours.
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Re: Fish Markets 2019/7/22 22:41
I think its a matter of preference. If you are looking for those restaurants that were inside the Tsukiji Inner Market then they are in Toyosu Market. As the previous people said Tsukiji Outer Market is still in its original location and has pretty much the same flair and character. If you are looking for something in addition to sushi/sashimi then the Tsukiji Outer Market is probably better because you can be the same sushi restaurants which is just as good, but also other street foods like meat and seafood skewers, strawberry mochi, and those egg omelettes (forgot the same).
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Re: Fish Markets 2019/7/24 06:41
Thank you for the insights!
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