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First visit to Japan 2019/7/20 16:21
How to get to 2-14-4, Odai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. 120-0046, from Narita? I'm planning to go to Japan this December and apparently it's going to be my first visit there. I'm going with a group of 14 people. Do you guys have any recommendations on what transportation to use to get there? (I would prefer avoiding taxis as they cost a lot).
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Re: First visit to Japan 2019/7/20 16:53
Just glancing at a map, but you can take the Keisei Skyliner or limited express from Narita to Nippori, then transfer to the Nippori-Toneri Liner and get off at Adachi-odai, which seems to be the closest station to your address.
I'm not familiar with the area or anything, but someone else will probably be along in a little bit to give even better/more detailed advice.
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Re: First visit to Japan 2019/7/20 16:54
Try this address in google maps:

2-chōme-14-4 Odai, Adachi-ku, Tōkyō-to 120-0046, Japan

Seems to be quite straightforward. Train to Nippori station , change train and ride to Adachi Odai station and then walk.

There is also a bus getting you closer but with 14 people plus luggage I wouldnft take the bus as you are going to essentially capture it.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: First visit to Japan 2019/7/21 01:23
On the other hand the Toneri Liner gets very full at certain times of day. I used to live at Kumanomae and for such a small train it really can be a nightmare. Itfs the most straightforward way to get where you are going but if I had a choice I would not want to take 14 people plus luggage on there.
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