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Bringing Peanut Butter to Japan? 2019/7/21 16:44
Is peanut butter and salsa a good souvinir for my boyfriend's mother? I just recently found out my boyfriend has never ate the salsa in the grocery store because things like salsa and peanut butter seem to be hard to find in stores at Japan. I have never lived in Japan before so I didn't know that. His mother likes jam so I also wanted to bring her some mango flavored jam. Are these good gifts? I was also thinking she might like some Italian coffee. Are there any restrictions (at the airport) I should be aware of? I know the size matters so I will be buying the small travel sized ones, but will I be able to pack these items in my carry-on luggage?
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Re: Bringing Peanut Butter to Japan? 2019/7/21 19:23
It depends on the region and also what kind of the products you have in mind.

For example, Skippy's peanut butter (both Creamy and Super Chunk) has been commonly sold even in tiny neighborhoods of Greater Tokyo for nearly half a century. Also, a major Japanese ketchup maker called Kagome has been commonly selling jarred salsa sauce for about 3 decades.

But if you go into the countryside, there is way less variety of foods being sold. Then, men often don't know what exactly are being sold. Maybe his mother just never bothered to buy them. In fact, compared to say Americans, the Japanese don't commonly eat peanut butter and salsa, and many don't know how to enjoy them.

That said, many countries carry more variety of peanut butter as well as salsa. Meanwhile, you can buy anything anywhere nowadays through the Internet. If you have some favorites of your own, it might be just nice to bring them along and tell his mother that you got them just because they are your favorites (which is what I usually do). You can also recommend a recipe or two.

On the other hand, mango flavored jam is quite a rarity here. I live in Greater Tokyo, and I feel that you have to go to certain limited stores to buy them.

As for restrictions, it depends on what country you are coming from. But I don't think size matters for non-liquids. Check with your airline for more details.
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Re: Bringing Peanut Butter to Japan? 2019/7/21 20:16
Generally Japanese like food. And like local food. So peanut butter sounds like a good gift. If you can get one that is local/special even better.

For travel I think you need to put it into the checkedin luggage. But then it should be fine to bring to Japan.

I am sure you can find peanut butter in Japan as well, eg at Kalgi, but itfs not a Japanese thing.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Bringing Peanut Butter to Japan? 2019/7/22 09:14
How about a different kind of nut butter? Although peanut butter isn't exactly common, it is available. But almond butter or other nut butters that are becoming popular in other places are still not well known here. A small package of condiments like a nut butter, mango jam, and a specialty salsa sounds like a great gift :)
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Re: Bringing Peanut Butter to Japan? 2019/8/1 17:33
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