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Fukuoka Prefecture residence 2019/7/22 02:04
Hi all,

About a year or so ago I posted a thread asking for unknown or hidden locations in Kyushu which I can't find to save my life at the moment.

In that thread, a couple of people suggested some interest old residences in Fukuoka prefecture which looked really promising which were in the middle of the prefecture. I think a poster named "Ken" gave some great suggestions and I'm hoping he remembers some of the locations he may have mentioned.

I managed to find the Ito residence from memory - but there were a couple more that I can't remember.

Any suggestions of nice old residences or interesting historical location in inner Fukuoka (not Daizaifu or Yanagawa) would be much appreciated.

Due to a change in flights, I now have a full day with a car in Tosu with only the Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum and Ito residence (and close Kaho Kabuki theatre) to visit.
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Re: Fukuoka Prefecture residence 2019/7/22 16:28
Welcome to Fukuoka. You are more than welcome to visit Fukuoka by SunQ pass.This highway bus pass is tremendously helpful.
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Re: Fukuoka Prefecture residence 2019/7/22 23:26
Dear Rohan,

Thanks for the response. At the moment I am not looking at using the bus pass due to locations being traveled.
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Re: Fukuoka Prefecture residence 2019/7/24 04:30
I can't even begin to tell you what they were from well over a year ago. The Ito residence is by far the one that is the most prominent though.
There are some others of course. There is this one in Soeda:
or the former Miura House at the folk museum.
or the former Ishii House in Asakura:
but you can only view it from outside.
No idea if I mentioned them previously.
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Re: Fukuoka Prefecture residence 2019/7/24 12:55
Thanks Ken. This was basically what I was looking fir
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