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Recomendations for beef? 2019/7/22 06:17
I can't eat fatty meats, but I enjoy beef. Marbled beef makes my stomach churn. Which types of Japanese beef would you recommend that is not too fatty? Is there a word or phrase that translates to "lean cut"?
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Re: Recomendations for beef? 2019/7/22 09:09
I find the Hida beef (from Takayama) not very rich at all. It would depend on the marbling score of course, but on the whole I can eat a lot more of the Hida beef than I can some of the more oily ones. But I cant really help you with where to get it outside of Takayama. You can try having it cooked a little longer, as that will usually take most of the oil out. I eat most steak quite rare (in fact I'm partial to carpaccio and having it raw) but with wagyu I prefer it more to the medium.
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Re: Recomendations for beef? 2019/7/23 01:27
Are you cooking by yourself or are you ordering at a restaurant?

Either way, just ask the butcher or chef for no fat. Typically, "momo-niku" (beef round) has less fat. Both stores and restaurants serve beef from all over the world, especially from Australia, the U.S. and from Japan, and there are different brands for each of them.
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Re: Recomendations for beef? 2019/8/6 18:37
Kobe's beef is an experience not to be missed. It's world-famous delicacy, delicately marbled steak that comes from specially bred wagyu cattle raised and prepared in the Hyogo Prefecture.

It's often prepared in the style of shabu-shabu – thinly sliced and boiled in broth – or sukiyaki, simmered in a hot pot. It was such a delicious experience! I could never get enough of it. If you're interested in tasting this kind of beef and visiting Kobe, this travel guide may interest you: https://www.jrailpass.com/blog/kobe-travel-guide. I used it to plan my visit and it was quite useful.
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