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Hakone Ropeway suspension 2019/7/22 12:57

We will be visiting Hakone for 2 nights middle of October (Using Hakone Free Pass).
On the first day of arrival we will do a quick visit of the area around the Hakone-Yumoto Station before checking into our ryokan.
On the 2nd day we will be visiting Gora Park and the Venetian Glass Museum for the first half of the day before checking into our second ryokan.
On our final day (Wednesday) after checking out at 10am we plan to do the clockwise loop (as we read that counter-clockwise we will encounter long queues). Thus, we will catch the R Bus to Moto-Hakone at 10:38 (their first bus) > visit the Hakone Shrine > stop for drink at the Bakery and Table Café > catch the bus to Hakone-Machi > check out Sekisho Dori > Board the Pirate Boat for Togendai and have lunch here (if not had one at Hakone-Machi).
If the Hakone Ropeway is still not operating we will take the substitute bus to Sounzan > cable-car to Gora > train back to Hakone-Yumoto (with a stop at Miyanoshita for naraya Cafe). Planning to reserve the 4.26pm Romancecar back to Shinjuku.
Do you think our final day with the clockwise loop starting at 10:38am and ending at 4pm is do-able? We wouldn't want to skip the Hakone Tozan Train between Gora and Hakone-Yumoto since this would be the only time to do so. Otherwise, I would need to re-arrange the 2nd day trip to Gora Park & Venetian Museum by train instead of our original plan by bus.

Many forums state that the substitute bus for the Hakone Ropeway is not frequent but I saw in their official notice that buses run every 15 to 20 minutes and the journey take 25 minutes..

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Re: Hakone Ropeway suspension 2019/7/22 17:01
Should be fine. A 15 minute wait for a bus shouldn't cause issues.
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