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Can I buy estrogen (estradiol) online? 2019/7/22 22:51
I would like to buy estrogen (estrodiol) and a testosterone blocker (spironolactone) from an online store like idrugstore.jp or imedical.jp.

I read on forums that you need to fill out customs forms for any prescription medicine period.

However I read this website:
and it looks like I can buy (個人輸入) 1 month of prescription drugs (処方せん薬) without filling any special customs forms?

Can anyone confirm which is true?
by umbrella404050g (guest)  

Re: Can I buy estrogen (estradiol) online? 2019/7/23 08:46
The website is informing about import (a product outside Japan to Japan)
I think you want export (a product inside Japan to outside Japan)
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Re: Can I buy estrogen (estradiol) online? 2019/7/23 08:50
Thanks for the answer Justmyday.

I am actually living in Japan currently. The websites that I mentioned are based overseas and import medicine to Japan from countries like Singapore and Thailand.
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