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Mobile ticket reception for concert Loppi 2019/7/27 01:18
Hey guys,

On my university summer vacation, I'll be going to see Taemin k-pop concert (hopefully) in Fukuoka but I might have a problem. So, I applied by lottery, won, paid for the ticket at Lawson, BUT I used my friend's Japanese phone number. The account is all in my name, though. And I have the receipt, but any idea if this will be a problem when trying to enter the venue?

I'm traveling from Tokyo to Fukuoka for this, so I don't want any problems...

I heard they send QR code of seat number or something the day of the concert, but it'll go to my friend and not me...is there a way to have it looked up at the event? Cause he'll be in Vietnam for an internship at that time and can't reliably send me the QR I think.

My Japanese is decent, so I can kind of explain the situation via email or in person to someone, but I don't know who. Also, I don't want to lose my ticket and the money I spent.

Thanks in advance!
by JapaneseN00dle  

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