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Walkie Talkie / HT frequencies in Japan 2019/7/30 00:11
Dear Forum,

the search-function here and google only dug up some very outdated posts regarding this topic so I'll start a new one.
Given links also did not work anymore.

We want to use Walkie-Talkies while driving with two cars in Hokkaido (don't worry, only people on the passenger seats will use them).
In Europe frequencies for these devices are 446MHz-446.2MHz.
When I search for japanese models on amazon.co.jp I am shown results stating 422.05`422.30MHz for usage.

So I guess, I cannot bring such a device from home but have to buy them on site.
Can someone confirm these models are legal to use in Japan these days?
Older threads and some google results stated, such devices were illegal in general.
Will I be able to buy such a device in one of the large electric stores (e.g. Yodobashi, BigCamera)?

I can hardly imagine there are no frequencies reserved for this purpose inside Japan given the fact that a lot of devices are on sale. However, search-results got me a bit worried.

Thank you very much.
Doc Rod
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Re: Walkie Talkie / HT frequencies in Japan 2019/7/30 10:56
According this site

FRS is allowed if it is within the Japanese frequency law.

I think it is easier to buy at the electronic shops, which are not expensive and you know that you comply with the local law.
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Re: Walkie Talkie / HT frequencies in Japan 2019/7/31 15:13
Perfect. Thank you very much.

That was exactly the information I was looking for.

So I will look for something local bearing that sign.
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