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Are Japanese take-away containers re-usable? 2019/7/30 20:00
Hello: I'm curious about what sort of take away containers are used by Japanese food providers? Is it usually single-use plastic ones, or some kind of bento box which you can re-use? Any idea what people did in the old days before the introduction of plastic containers? Many thanks! Re-think-it.org
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Re: Are Japanese take-away containers re-usable? 2019/7/31 11:33
There are many different types of plastic containers. So you need to be more specific in your questioning. Majority would be single use though.

As for what was used before plastics. Well again that depend on your line of questioning. It was vague. Both wood, bamboo and porcelain have been used for food containers in the past. But in the times were older products were used, food items like what is currently used in plastic food items didn't exist. Food was made fresh or to order. It didn't sit in a Family Mart fridge for 12 hours.
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Re: Are Japanese take-away containers re-usable? 2019/8/1 15:49
Basically, taking away from restaurants is not as common in Japan as in western countries.

At most of the fast-food restaurants (except ramen restaurants), you will be able to take away. They use plastic disposable containers. Usually un-reusable.
If you go to fancy restaurants, you should ask if you can take away.
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Re: Are Japanese take-away containers re-usable? 2019/8/2 20:22
Almost all take-away containers today are disposable plastic ones, but quite often you can bring along your own container from home and ask the shop to put food in it. Frankly, not many people seem to do it, but I do it all the time.

"Delivery" is another story. For example, delivery sushi or noodles are often delivered in ordinary containers that they use for customers who sit and eat at their restaurants, even today.

In the old days, take-away food was wrapped in things like old newspaper.
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