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Trip to Hakone 2019/7/31 11:59
Hi all,

I'm travelling to Hakone tomorrow and I need to decide whether to rent a car to get around Hakone or just get a Fuji Hakone Free pass. The rate mentions that from Odawara it is about 6700 yen without a round trip. If I rent a car from Odawara, my total charge is going to be around 20,000 Yen. I'm not sure if Fuji Hakone Free pass would save me money. Please help!
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Re: Trip to Hakone 2019/7/31 15:12
It depends so much on where you want to go and what you want to see. If the places you want to go a served by public transport and if the frequency is high enough then there shouldnft be a need for a car. Cars come with the added problem of parking and possibility for traffic jams. But if you want to travel parts of the region that are t well served by public transport a car is going to be convenient.

Enjoy your trip to Hakone!
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Re: Trip to Hakone 2019/8/1 08:28
Tomorrow? August the 1st?

Japan Guide:
Hakone Freepass
Hakone Round Course

Hakone Navi:
Suspension of operation of Hakone Ropeway
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Re: Trip to Hakone 2019/8/1 09:23
From Odawara the pass is only Y4,600, and depending what you do it can either be good value or not. With Owakudani off limits the pass isn't as good value at the moment.

Certainly a 20,000 yen rental car (plus petrol and parking) is going to cost a lot more.
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Re: Trip to Hakone 2019/8/1 09:39
Part of the fun of Hakone is the train, I wouldnt do away with it to take a car even if it was more convenient (and it doesnt really look to be)
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Re: Trip to Hakone 2019/8/9 07:26
Hakone and the area is great and efficient to explore by car....you can visit Odawara, Fuji, and a seaside town like Manazuru.....but the Freepass is probably the easiest way to get around the area...and less stress. There is some good information here on the Official Hakone website
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Re: Trip to Hakone 2019/8/9 20:13
We ended up renting a car and we explored the places at our convenient time. Driving wasn't too bad. Got pretty close to Mount Fuji where no bus or train can take you. Overall the trip was great and the hotel was very comfy too :)
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