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Kimono rentals in Kyoto tattoo friendly? 2019/8/1 07:39
I am travelling with my sister and both of us have arm tattoos that are substantially visible. We really wanted to experience the unique culture of Japan. And we think being able to do this and walk in the historical streets of Kyoto would give us a one of a kind experience. Of course if it would make everyone else feel uncomfortable, we would want to respect the culture and maybe opt out of it.

Any advice or suggestions?
by Ellie (guest)  

Re: Kimono rentals in Kyoto tattoo friendly? 2019/8/1 11:08
But kimono sleeves go to your wrists. Your arms donft show.
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Re: Kimono rentals in Kyoto tattoo friendly? 2019/8/1 22:47
Dear Ellie,

I dontLt think that you and your sister get problems with your Tattoos.
Most of this Kimono-rentals in Towns like Kyoto or Tokyo are frequented by tourists from all over the world to have the wonderful experience to wear such a traditional outfit.
I think shop owners are used to the sight of Tattoos and - as the answerer say before - Kimono-sleeves are traditionally long (to the wrists of your hands or sometimes longer). Same for Yukata (the "summer-kimono").

So have fun and enjoy your trip! :-)
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