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Yen value in 2020 Olympics? 2019/8/1 14:16
Hi Everyone!
I am from India. I want to know if the Japanese Yen will become stronger at the time of 2020 Olympics because of the money that Japan will earn due to incoming visitors from all over the world.
Currently exchange rate between Japan and India is as below.
1 Yen = Approximately 0.63 to 0.64 Rupee
That means we have to pay 63 or 64 Rupees to get 100 Yen.
If Yen becomes stronger, we will need to pay more to get the same amount of Yen.
(For example, we may need to pay 65 Rupees or even more to get 100 Yen)
Is my understanding correct?

PS: Sorry, I am not good in financial matters, hence asking your opinion on this.
Thank you in advance!
by Mahanta  

Re: Yen value in 2020 Olympics? 2019/8/1 15:17
You realize that this question has as much to do with the economical development of Japan as well as India and the world as a whole.

I am sure there are financial analysts out there that do some projection. But it will always be a projection. Eg something could happen to the Indian economy (good or bad) that makes the Rupie stronger. Or Trump could wake up to Twitter tomorrow and say that he wants to ban all Japanese cars from coming to the US.

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Re: Yen value in 2020 Olympics? 2019/8/1 15:38
There is no way to predict this accurately.
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Re: Yen value in 2020 Olympics? 2019/8/1 19:35
India's currency is not an attractive currency in Japan. I would consider exchanging your Rupees into US Dollars for a more favorable exchange. If you did find a bank that would exchange it, it wouldn't be a favorable exchange rate. You say 62 or 63 Rupees for 100 yen? It would be more like 100 Rupees to 100 Yen. It is not an attractive currency, therefore the exchange rate will be horrible.
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Re: Yen value in 2020 Olympics? 2019/8/1 19:44
John B actually makes a good point. I just looked on the Narita website and it seems you can't change Rupees at any of the main banks there....


It's also impossible to predict what would happen. If we could - I'd expect we'd be currency speculators and not posting on a travel forum.

Apologies if this comes across as sarcastic or mean - it's not meant to be. I'm just trying to say that we can't tell you your answer
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