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Nikko day trip 2019/8/3 21:34
Dear Japan Visistor,

My name is Anna Nguyen. I am just wondering if you could please give me advice on how to organise my day trip (1 day) around Nikko between places given the fact that I have JR pass so will not use Tobu Nikko line from Tokyo. I would like to visit Toshogu Shrine, Shinkyo Bridge,Odashirogahara Marshland, Ryuzu Falls/ Yudaki Falls & Lake Yunoko.
I am not sure how to put it in my itinerary as most of the itineraries I researched starting from Tobu Nikko Station while I am going to utilise my JR pass so I will have to get off at Imaichi Station/final stop.
Also, could you please advise what type of Nikko Pass I should get to accommodate my desired destinations in Nikko?

Thank you so much
Kind regards

by Anna Thao Ngan  

Re: Nikko day trip 2019/8/4 11:01
I honestly can't see you going all to the places you mention as a day trip - particularly the marshland, which takes a few hours to go through. It takes close to 70 minutes to get from the Tobu Nikko Stn over to there, and the same back. With buses just 1 or 2 an hour so you have to time it right, or it will be a long wait. That means around 5 hours just for the marshland and buses there and back. Plus even more time for Lake Yunoko & Yudaki.
It's also curious you didn't mention Kegon Falls - it is very impressive.
You could do it I guess with a very early morning start and going in the summer with much longer daylight hours, but it's going to be a long and tiring trip.
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Re: Nikko day trip 2019/8/4 11:08
Advice, re-think the list of places you can see in a day.
You can do the temples/shrines in Nikko and then head to Kegon Falls/Lake Chuzenji (or the falls/lake first), but places like the national park as well - not in a day trip.

As for Shinkyo bridge - I've never found it particularly noteworthy, and it takes precious time out of a day where there are other better things to see in my opinion.
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Re: Nikko day trip 2019/8/4 14:01
Would just like to add that I agree with OP about Shinkyo Bridge being a noteworthy attraction at Nikko.
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Re: Nikko day trip 2019/8/5 04:00
While you agree with the PPs that your list of places you want to visit in one day is too long, I donft get your problem with the train. Tobu Nikko Station and JR Nikko station are literally 50 m apart.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: Nikko day trip 2019/8/6 10:14
Usually, when I visit via JR, get off the train, buy the 2,000 yen bus pass, walk outside to the bus stop and then go to the temple/shrine area. I don't bother walking up the street to the bus stop outside the Tobu station.
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