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Check my translation 2019/8/4 21:31
業績の悪化 風評被害 迫られる社内改革

What I have is: Due to the rumors, performance deteriorated. The company took a big financial hit and had to go under radical overhaul.

Now that I think about it more carefully, it could probably be changed to
"Having suffered massive financial loss from the rumors and their performance deteriorated, the company was forced to undergo a radical overhaul.

Still sounds too unnatural? :P
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Re: Check my translation 2019/8/5 13:51
To me those look like just phrases or like newspaper headline, rather than one sentence. Of course those are (probably) referring to one business/company, so those are related, but not necessarily in the order you put them together.

- Deteriorating performance; suffering from (unfounded) rumors; imminent needs for internal reform

…is what I would say.
The third part is saying that the company is faced with the need to undergo changes internally, not that it did.
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Re: Check my translation 2019/8/5 20:11
Well, if it helps, this is from a manga. The MC was talking to himself about his own company's past.
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Re: Check my translation 2019/8/14 07:55
It sounds like the speaker is ticking off a list. It's certainly not a cohesive narrative like your translation, so it's not clear how those items relate. I concur with AK, except that there's nothing that says if the reforms were needed or not - one might infer it given the poor performance and rumors, but if, say, this is a list of problems, an ill-advised restructuring might be seen as yet another headache.
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Re: Check my translation 2019/8/14 19:55

To me the 迫られる社内改革 points to a much-needed reform, as the company is “urged” to do “internal reform,” so I translated that as “need for…”

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