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Looking for information on grandmother 2019/8/5 05:20

I live in America and I am trying to find some history about my grandmother. She didnft share a lot before she passed about her family. I do know where she was from and that she had at least a brother and a sister. (Possibly more) she was born in the 1930fs. Any idea how I might be able to go about this?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Looking for information on grandmother 2019/8/6 01:55

There is nothing to write about that insufficient information.
Whether your grandmother is Japanese or she lived in Japan, are there any documents to prove them?
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Re: Looking for information on grandmother 2019/8/6 05:49
Sorry for being vague.

I was thinking more along the lines of how to go about searching.

My grandmother Kiyoko (Bachan) was Japanese and from Hokkaido, Japan. Born in 1935. Maiden name was Iwamoto.

She married an American in 1957 and moved to Texas.

Unfortunately I have very little information. Possible brother and sisterfs name. Possible two other brothers that I have no names for.

My grandfather didnft want his kids learning her Japanese history. He passed away 4 years ago, while my grandmother passed 9 years ago.
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Re: Looking for information on grandmother 2019/8/6 09:03
With information such as name, birth date and birth place(more specific e.g. town/village), you should check with the Japanese embassy/consulate or try contacting the city/town hall.

This is something from Japanese consulate in Hawaii ..

Or you could try reaching out the Japanese related communities/NPO. etc. such as https://www.nichibei.org/about/

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Re: Looking for information on grandmother 2019/8/6 13:01
You didn't have to post specific personal info here. I think what the other poster was asking for was whether you know the prefecture/city she lived in or whether she had traveled to the U.S. or what not, which now we know.

Have you searched databases such as Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.org? By typing in as much as you know, you are most likely be able to find boarding lists. On some of the boarding lists you may be able to find your grandmother's contact in Japan, of that time. That can get you started on searching relatives or acquaintances of hers.

Another thing is that you can try contacting newspapers in Japan that might show interest in your/her story.

The daughter of this lady was lucky enough to find a person, through social networking, willing to make a movie out of crowdfunding so that the movie would help search the lady's roots.
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Re: Looking for information on grandmother 2019/8/7 01:22
Yeah... Ifve searched everything I can on ancestry. Only things I can find are in the US. Hoping I can maybe call a embassy or something.
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