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Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/6 10:51
Hi I’m hoping that someone can give me some advice. I’m from Melbourne-Australia and in 1994 we hosted a Japanese girl from Kobe for twelve months. After she went home Kobe was demolished by earthquake after which time her mother sent her back to us for another year. My wife and I have been to Japan 16 times including 2000 when we were invited to her wedding and she asked me to walk her down the isle. It was the most beautiful day.
They have 2 handsome boys whom we have visited on many occasions and consider them as our Japanese grandsons. We are in regular contact by phone every 2-3months by phone however my wife and I were both diagnosed with terminal illness 14 months ago and we continued to call them with updates on our situation. Since June last year we have been unable to call them as there has been no answer. The phone rings out whereas before we could leave a message.
Does anyone have any advise on how we may be able to locate them. I was think maybe the local town hall? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/6 13:09
First, I think you should write to them. Maybe it's just a phone problem. Also, try contacting mutual friends. If nothing works, maybe you can contact a reliable acquaintance near Kobe to go take a look. By "reliable" I mean someone you can send their personal address to without worrying about it being abused. I'm not sure how much a city hall can do about your situation, but you can certainly discuss about it with one.
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Re: Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/6 18:42
Thanks Uco for your quick response. We have written several letters to their home address ??? with no response. We have also had another Japanese student that we hosted for 1year telephone the home number several times from Matsumoto and Tokyo with no success, so I have to assume that they either have moved or something has happened. The reason I fear this is because neither her husband or 2 sons speak English which would make it difficult to contact us if something is wrong. We are very concerned and don’t know what to do.
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Re: Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/9 15:59
If you know her name and her old address, you can contact a detective agency and ask them to trace her whereabouts. It might take time and money, but I don't think it will be too hard.
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Re: Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/10 04:57
Hi again.

If you have sent letters with your address clearly written on the envelopes and never had your letters returned to you, that means that the letters were indeed delivered to their mail box, which means that (A) there is no stranger living there instead of them and (B) the house/apartment has not been torn down.

If language is the problem, you could have someone write/translate your letter in Japanese with a return envelope enclosed with an international stamp on it.

For example, a policeman might able to check the house/apartment while on patrol, so I don't think it's a bad idea to discuss it with the city hall or ward office.
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Re: Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/11 13:31
thomascook -san

- Can you contact her mother?
- Do you know the company which she or her husband works at? You can call the company and ask.
- Does she or her husband have a Facebook account? (Many Japanese do.)
If you can find mutual friends on FB, you can contact them and ask for information.
- I got below information on the net. If you know someone in Japan, she/he can do this instead of you.

●Summary of steps to check whether someone is alive or not when he/she does not respond to your call in Japan.
(note: this artilce is mainly written for people who are living in Japan, not for foreign tourists.)
1.Contact his/her family, friends or work place to confirm whether other persons can contact him/her. He/she might be just ignoring only you if you have a trouble with him/her.
2.Judge whether it is emergency or not by checking SNS (such as posts suggesting suicide, illness, etc), or ask acquaintances about his/her recent situation (such as he went to climb a mountain, he was arrested, he was hospitalized, etc).
3.Visit his/her home if he/she does not respond to anyone and there are obvious problems such as he/she did not come to work place or school, and judge if it is emergency or not.
4.Call police according to degree of emergency. You can consult with police officers by calling #9110 if it is not emergency, or you can visit nearby police station to consult about the matter (athough Japanese police officers may not speak English or other foreing languages). You can also contact consltation offices for foreigners in Japan. The consultation offices are located in each municipal but the users may be limited to foreignors who are currently living or working in Japan, and reservation may be also reuired for preparing an interpreter.
You should call police by calling 110 if it is really very emergency and you need police officers to come as soon as possible. You should not call police if it is not really very emergency because police officers are very busy for dealing with emergency matters.
You should call Japan Coast Guard by calling 118 if a maritime accident has occured (police is also OK because the police officer contacts Japan Coast Guard anyway).
You should call Disaster Emergency Message Dial by calling 171 if a massive disaster happens such as earthquake and flood.
5.Ask police officers to come his/her house and then ask a locksmith or the landlord to open the door of his/her house if he/she might have died in the house, or it is highly possible that he/she can not respond or move due to severe illness or injury.
6.Visit nearby police office to write application to search for the missing person if he/she is not in the house and still missing. Police may call you later if he/she was found or found to be imprisoned.
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Re: Lost contact with Japanese daughter 2019/8/15 20:30
Hi Uco san, Thank you for your reply. If I decide to ask the the City hall or ward off will I need to send an email in Japanese or English. Also I would believe that they will not give information to a foreigner without confirmation of the family relationship.
However I will try this avenue as I can write and speak Japanese to a certain level.
Thank you so much for your assistance. 度もありがとございます
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