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Bus to Usuki Sekibutsu 2019/8/7 17:00
Can anyone help with a current bus schedule between Usuki Station and Usuki Stone Buddhas (Sekibutsu)? Normally how long do people spend there?

Thank you.
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Re: Bus to Usuki Sekibutsu 2019/8/7 20:03
This is the current bus timetable for Usuki Station (Pnw) to the Buddhas (PnΕ ):


This page shows the return bus times:


Personally, I spent about an hour to an hour and a half there.
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Re: Bus to Usuki Sekibutsu 2019/8/8 06:45
It depends on your interest level, obviously, but you could spend 1-2 hours there.

As you can see from the bus schedules, they are infrequent and not very convenient. But if you like, the sekibutsu are not far from a station (Usuki or Kami-Usuki), and if you want to get over there the fastest, you can take a taxi and it won't set you back too much.

Another very good sight in the area, though way more difficult to get to, is the Furen Limestone Cave near Rte 10. It's not that long, but one of the better ones in Japan.
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