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Matogahama beach 2019/8/8 15:11
I will be arriving in Beppu around 17.30 hours in the second week of November. I guess it would be dark by then as it's the autumn season. So just wondering if it's still possible to take a stroll at Matogahama beach for a view of Beppu bay or would it be too dark to see the view? Are there people at the beach in the evenings? Would like to checkout the nearby Kitahama onsen which offers a beautiful view of the bay and surrounding mountains. Still possible to have a good view in the evenings when it' already dark?
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Re: Matogahama beach 2019/8/9 02:13
Sunset in Beppu on November 14 is 5:13pm. By the time to get settled down and head there it'll be about 6:30pm. It's most likely past the blue hour for photographers, so I don't know how much contrast you're going to get between the sea and the sky and the land.
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Re: Matogahama beach 2019/8/9 20:39
It's not a good idea to walk around the beach alone after dark. I seldome see peaple there at night. It's recommended you go to Kitahama Termas Onsen. The Kitahama Onsen opens untill 10:00pm and you can see the city lights of the other side of the Beppu bay. There are two bathing zones, one is typical Japanese public onsen and the other is with a swimming suit zone. Though it will be a little bit cold at night, you can relax and observe the night view in a warm onsen pool.
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Re: Matogahama beach 2019/8/10 09:24
Thank you both for your kind advice. I'll take note of it and will skip the idea of going to the beach in the evenings. Perhaps catching the sunrise would be a better idea.
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