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Separation 2019/8/9 18:42
Dear forum,

I'm going through a very rough and stressful time with my japanese partner. Various problems have driven us to temporarily separate from each other and to reconsider the relationship.

I've been reading sources in english to better understand how to do this effectively. But I would definitely like to check sources in japanese too, as they probably focus more on their specific values and cultural traits. My japanese is only conversational (about N3 maybe), so I'm not sure how much I will be able to read, but I want to give it a try even if i go slow. I'm just having trouble finding the proper term in japanese for "couple's temporary separation" or something similar so that I can do my own research, and would like to ask here if anybody knows. Also, if anybody could recommend some good sources, that'd be even better.

And one more question, in case knows: does anybody have good recommendations for couple counseling in Tokyo? I've found many online, but I'm asking if anybody can recommend based on actual experience.

i will be very thankful for your help
by miita (guest)  

Re: Separation 2019/8/11 19:12
Sorry to hear of your situation.

When I enter 一時的 別居 (temporary, separation), then the search returns a lot of results that deal with married couples’ separation, so that should lead you to some information in Japanese.
These (at least in google search) gives me other choices like 離婚しないで別居 (separation without divorcing) at the bottom, so you could go from there too. Some are ads (of course) by attorneys though.
I hope you find some help and solution.
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Re: Separation 2019/8/13 10:27
Hello AK. thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction! I will start from there! kinda regards
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