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Mizuho Accounts Still Open 2019/8/9 21:29
I left Japan almost a year ago and my residence card is now expired. I did not close my bank accounts before I left (I left Japan thinking I was going to come back but personal circumstances meant I could not return to live in Japan).

I have noticed that I still have a set amount each month going from my main Mizuho Account to my Special Savings account which cannot be accessed outside Japan. The bank told me there is nothing they can do for me whilst I am outside Japan and that I need to fly back over to stop the transfer each month. This is fine, but I will not be able to travel back to Japan for another 6 months or so and it will be on a tourist visa once again when I do. Will this be okay as per Mizuhofs rules? They are my accounts from when I earned salary for a Japanese company, and I will go into the Mizuho branch with my (expired) residence card, hanko etc. They will still be able to help me resolve my issue, even if I am no longer a resident in Japan?
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Re: Mizuho Accounts Still Open 2019/8/10 14:20
I donft know about Mizuhofs rules, so I cannot say for sure, but Ifd say if you have your ghankoh and a valid ID (like passport) that they can confirm it is you, it should be OK.
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