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Cost of living in Tokyo 2019/8/10 00:25
Hi all, i have received a offer letter from a Japanese company in Tokyo. They have offered a salary of 5,400,000 before taxes in Tokyo. I was wondering about the cost of living and if this is enough to live in Tokyo for a couple. Thanks in advance for the help
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Re: Cost of living in Tokyo 2019/8/10 13:13
you want to see some magic?

see what happen when you type 'Cost of living in Tokyo' in the search function on the top right corner.

there i did that for you.
come again with more specific question.

5,400,000 before taxes 'what'? monthly? per year?

if this is enough to live
how would we know? we don't know you, what your lifestyle is?
your pay/salary include accommodation/transportation ?

Most 'English Teacher/Instructor' get by OK with 200,000 yen per month.
International student can get by ish with 140,000 yen per month(fro scholarship)

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Re: Cost of living in Tokyo 2019/8/11 16:32
Really depends on your lifestyle and what size apartment would be comfortable for you.

Also, don't be afraid to live outside of Tokyo. While they aren't considered as cool as the captial, places in Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba are less than 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo and have much lower costs of living.

When I was still living in Japan, I lived in Saitama and commuted into Tokyo. My wife and I ate out once a week, went out a few times month and rented a house and still had a bunch of money saved up every month for retirement/traveling/etc. on a salary roughly the same as your offer.
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Re: Cost of living in Tokyo 2019/8/12 17:10
Minimum wage in Tokyo is 932 yen per hour. I think you will find that 5.4M is significantly above that.

Is it enough for you, only you can answer that - depends what you choose to spend money on.
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