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KIX to Kobe 2019/8/11 00:08
Hi All,

Just asking a quick question. If you were traveling from KIX to Kobe arriving at 7AM'ish on a Saturday morning, would you catch:

(1) Limosine Bus
(2) Train
(3) Ferry + Train (note that there is a special to Kobe Airport via ferry for international visitors for 500 yen)
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Re: KIX to Kobe 2019/8/11 09:19
It depends on where in Kobe you are going. If there is a bus that gets you directly close to your destination, then I would take the bus. Otherwise, I would take the train unless you are heading for Port Island in which case I would consider taking the boat.
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Re: KIX to Kobe 2019/8/11 16:18
I would take ferry and train (Port Liner), since it will be more fun. The traveling time will be almost identical if your destination is Sannomiya and the cost will be cheaper if you take ferry and train. Saturday morning is not busy for trains (Nankai, Hanshin and JR) though.
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Re: KIX to Kobe 2019/8/11 22:36
So I think I've got my answer via comments made.

If I'm awake (I'm catching a night flight), I'll catch the ferry. If not, catch the bus.
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