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Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 02:39
What is the easiest way to get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Stay Ginza Hotel in Ginza?

Since we will have luggage and may be jet lagged, I prefer one bus/train ride plus taxi, not changing lines for a bus or train.

Thank you.
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Re: Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 06:47
Your hotel's website probably has an "Access" section that will tell you how to make this trip.

Or, try Google Maps.
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Re: Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 07:31
Easiest? Take a taxi the whole way. Will be rather pricey though.

If you one train + taxi, take the monorail out of the airport to its other terminal, Hamamatsu-cho station, and take a cab from there.
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Re: Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 07:47
Did you mean Tokyu Stay Ginza?

The hotel website which took me a 5 second google search says it is 3 minutes walk from Ginza Station.

Not use google maps or hyperdia to find you best way to access.
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Re: Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 08:50
If you time it right, there are trains that takes you from Haneda directly to Higashi Ginza station, which is closest to you hotel. Some of the north-bound Keikyu Line trains from the airport go to Sengakuji Station. Then some of those trains become subway Asakusa Line trains, which go through Higashi Ginza. Do a google map search and vary the departure time from Haneda a little, and you may be able to go to Higashi Ginza without any transfer.
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Re: Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 09:24
The name of your hotel should be:
Tokyu Stay Ginza Hotel.

Many trains depart from the Keikyu station(s) in HND,
continue beyond Sengakuji (A-07) onto Toei Subway Asakusa Line,
and make a stop at Higashi-ginza Station (A-11),
which is close to this hotel.

Trains departing from the Keikyu station go in several directions.
Among Keikyu - Toei through trains,
Airport Limited Express trains skip Higashi-ginza Station,
while Airport Express trains (without "Limited") make a stop there.
Please feel free to ask a Keikyu station attendant
which train you shroud take to get to Higashi-ginza Station.

For you to travel with an Ib transportation card,
the amount of the railway fare is 563 yen
(until September 30, i.e. before the raise in the consumption taxes).
You can buy a PASMO card at a ticket vending machine in the Keikyu station.

When you get off your train at Higashi-ginza Station (A-11),
the ticket gate is near Cars Nos. 2 and 3,
which are the second and third from the tail of the train.

- Map in Japanese
of Higashi-ginza Stations (A-11, H-09) of Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro

Toei Subway Higashi-ginza Station (A-11)
has two platforms separate by the directions of trains.
Your train from HND arrives at Track 2.
You get off the train, pass through the ticket gate,
and walk to the nearby elevator,
which brings you up to Exit A1 on the ground.

- Route from Exit A1 to your hotel suggested by Google Maps
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Re: Haneda Airport to our hotel in Ginza 2019/8/14 22:44
You booked one of the best hotels for your purpose. Your hotel is just 1-minute walk away from Higashi Ginza Station.

Ekispert could show you zero transfer options from Haneda to Higashi-Ginza. Just modify the day and time within.

Arriving at Higashi-Ginza, one elevator up to the A1 Exit and a short walk on the ground, as demonstrated by omotenashi. That's it.
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