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Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/14 07:12
Hi, All!

My fiance and I will be celebrating our honeymoon in Tokyo next month and are trying to plan out our trip.

This will be our second trip to Japan. Our first trip was 21 days and we had the opportunity to do most of the things that people do on a first trip to Japan. Now that we are returning, we are hoping to do some things that are appropriate for "round two", as it were.

So far, we know:

Edo-Tokyo Museum
Shimokitazawa for vintage shopping
We missed the Imperial Palace last time (and now know it is closed on Mondays)
Jingumae for streetwear shopping
Revisting Meiji-Jingu (We got engaged there)
One night in Hakone at a Ryokan :)
Looking for a good Dojo restaurant.

What are some awesome things you guys have done on a second (or third/fourth/etc) trips to Tokyo? Definitely interested in the more "off the beaten path" things.

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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/14 15:22
Assuming you donft want to leave Tokyo: (also we donft really know what you did in your first trip)

Walk over rainbow bridge to Odaiba
Hamarikyu garden
Visit Tokyo tower
Shopping at Ginza

If daytrips are allowed:
- Yokohama
- Kamakura
- Enoshima
- Chichibu
- mt Takao
- Edo-Tokyo tatemono Museum
- Ghibli ( if you are still on time)

We also donft know what you are interested in. So frankly this list above isnft better than just doing a bit research on this webpage and drilling down into the Tokyo, Kanazawa and Ibaraki sections (and Saitama and Chiba).

Enjoy planning your trip to Tokyo!

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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/14 16:07
For a very interesting night in the Hakone ryokan, try Fukumiziro at Tonosawa, but make sure you get the room with a private bath and toilet. It is awesome, up there with my favorite ryokan experience.
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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/14 21:19
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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/15 03:33
I appreciate all the answers so far and realize I could have provided more insight into what it is that we like to do.

We typically avoid touristy spots. We have no interest in Tokyo Tower, Tsukiji Market, Golden Gai, or Skytree. We do plan to see the Imperial Palace gardens.

We like to get more of an authentic, cultural trip when we visit a place. Places where the tourists do not go and where the locals hang out (assuming they will let us go to those places).

On our first trip, we did:

Note: We stayed in Ikebekuro which we loved, but this time we'll be in Shibuya.

Day 1: Shibuya -> Yoyogi Park -> Meiji Jingu Shrine (Got Engaged) -> Dinner at Den in Jingumae
Day 2: Met up with Fiance's uncle who lives in Setagaya -> Omotesando -> Back to Meiji Jingu -> Harajuku -> Did a Tea Ceremony at Sakurai -> Sangenjaya for Japanese-Italian
Day 3: Studio Ghibli in Musashino -> Nakano Broadway for Weeb Stuff
Day 4: Tokyo Dome City for special Fullmetal Alchemist exhibit -> Akihabara -> M's -> Super Potato -> Animate Akihabara (More Weeb Stuff)
Day 5: Day trip to Hakone (but didn't spend the night)
Day 6: Met Fiance's uncle again and went to Taito -> Asakusa/Shrine -> Sapporo HQ and had beer on the top floor and looked at the view -> Chabuton Ramen in Shimokitazawa
Day 7: Shinjuku (Did a VR Park)

Note: It was a 21d trip where we also hit Matsumoto, Kanazawa, Kyoto, and Osaka. This time it is only 8d in just the Tokyo area.

We probably won't do as much weeb stuff this time either, since we saw it all last time.

This time, in terms of food, we want to try:
1. A Non-Chain Curry Spot (We loved CoCo Ichibanya, but want to try more hole-in-the-wall spots)
2. Specialty Karaage Spot
3. Udon
4. A dope mixology bar
5. Coffee Jelly
6. Best Taiyaki (We had some in Nara last time, but want to try more)
7. Yakitori
8. Shabu Shabu
9. A Japanese/French Bakery
10. Planning on a nice Omakase set this time for our fine dining experience. Maybe Kyubei? Not sure.
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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/15 05:12
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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/16 01:39
You could check out Narita town. If you are landing in Narita airport, you could stay overnight at an nearby hotel (they have shuttles from the airport and from the hotel to Narita town). Somewhat nearby, you could also check out Sawara. If you liked the Edo-Tokyo Museum, you might like Bosa no Mura (I had the best udon ever there. The broth had this great smoky charcoaly flavor )
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Re: Suggestions for 2nd trip to Tokyo? 2019/8/17 16:09
I would reccomend visiting Ninja Akasaka, a ninja tematic restaurant, thats where we went 2 days ago. You can secretly tell the staff its your honeymoon trip. I did so, we have recieved special dessert and also printed pictures and other stuff. The funny part was when Nishiki, our waiter wished us happy honeymoon all other waiter ninjas did the same.
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