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JR pass or Kyushu Pass 2019/8/15 13:36
We will arrive in Fukuoka on 11/16 and depart from Tokyo on 11/28.
11/16 arrive Fukuoka
11/17 Fukuoka
11/18 Fukuoka to Kumamoto
11/19 private tour from Kumamoto
11/20 Kumamoto to Nagasaki return back to Kumamoto
11/21 Kumamoto to Kyoto
11/22 Kyoto
11/23 Kyoto to Takayama
11/24 Takayama
11/25 Takayama to Tokyo
11/26 Tokyo
11/27 Tokyo
11/28 Tokyo to Haneda Airport

I use the JR pass calculator, the result is pays off to buy a 14 days JR pass. However is it cheaper to buy a 3 days Kyushu Pass for 11/18-11/20 and then buy a 7 Days JR pass for 11/21-11/27? Is it any pros and cons to use two passes vs one 14 days pass?

We are also travel with friends, total of 10 people. How can we make train seat reservations in order to sit together? Can we all go up to the ticket window together at the same time?
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Re: JR pass or Kyushu Pass 2019/8/15 15:25
It would sound like you only need a 7 day JR pass. Just pay the trip from Fukuoka to Kumamoto separately and then before your next long trip (Nagasaki) activate the JR Pass. That should bring you then all the way to Tokyo.

Fukuoka- Kumamoto alone is less than 6000 Yen by Shinkansen and the Northern Kyushu Pass is 8500 yen.

For traveling in a group I think best is one of you goes to the counter with all the JR Passes and asks for a ggrouph reservation. The others should better be closeby just in case. But you donft need to be all up there at the window. Probably best moment is when you do the JR pass exchange as youfll need to be all there anyway. So eg you could all exchange your passes (personally) and then one of two person remain with all the passes at the counter and make the reservations.

Have written down which trains you want so that it is relatively quick.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: JR pass or Kyushu Pass 2019/8/16 04:32
Thank you for your suggestion to get a oneway ticket from Fukuoka to Kumamoto and then buy a 7 Days JR Pass start from November 20. This make sense and save even more money.
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Re: JR pass or Kyushu Pass 2019/8/16 05:44
You can save even more if you buy ticket from Hakata to Kumamoto in advance (from one month before your travel).


The cheapest fare is 3000 yen including Shinkansen fare and base fare.
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Re: JR pass or Kyushu Pass 2019/8/16 08:29
Wow, thank you for the money saving information!
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Re: JR pass or Kyushu Pass 2019/8/16 09:16
My advice is "pack light, travel light". Even if you are a solo traveler, a big suitcase is troublesome. You are traveling with 9 others, your suitcases are huge trouble. Basically you will travel urban places during late fall/early winter, then you don't need to change your clothes according to the weather. I think one backpack for one person (7 kg) will be enough. It can be even lighter. You can wash your clothes every 3-5 days.

About you itinerary, if you can change it I would recommend as follows.

11/20 Kumamoto to Nagasaki and stay in Nagasaki. Night in Nagasaki is much better than in kumamoto.
11/21 Nagasaki to Kyoto. It will take more time though.
11/22 Kyoto
11/23 Kyoto Give Kyoto one more day. It is the autumn leave peak. If you can't find affordable accommodation in Kyoto you can also check it in Nagoya which is only 35-50 min from Kyoto by Shinkansen.
11/24 Kyoto to Takayama. Start early and sightsee Takayama on this day.
11/25 Takayama to Shirakawago to Kanazawa by bus.
11/25 Kanazawa to Tokyo. It will take only 2h and half by Shinkansen.

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