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Name on event ticket purchased on ticket pia? 2019/8/16 20:52
I just found out I won the ticket lottery to go to the Haikyuu!! event (ハイキュー新シリーズキックオフイベント) that's happening this September at Maihama Amphitheater. I attend a university in Tokyo, but I am from America and have an English name. When I registered my account for ticket pia, I put my name in katakana. For the event, it said that I have to bring a form of ID (residence card, school id, etc.) to confirm that I'm the one who purchased the ticket, however all of my forms of ID have my name written in English letters, not katakana. My name is already written in katakana on the ticket and it can't be changed. Is this going to be a problem for when I actually attend the event?
by marumarusoma (guest)  

Re: Name on event ticket purchased on ticket pia? 2019/8/17 08:39
Not likely to cause any issues as they can’t expect foreign ID to use the Japanese writing system, however if you want 100% confirmation you should ask the venue where the event is being held. Nobody here is going to be able to tell you since rules for one event may not apply to another.
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