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Iriomote Island bus and ferry information 2019/8/19 00:57
Hi, we would like to visit Iriomote Island and hope someone can help us out before the visit.

It is mentioned there is a public bus on the island. However, it seems the bus operator does not have a website to search for the bus information. Is there a way to find out more details on the bus timetable and fares? Will the bus have a tendency to be late?

If we booked online for a ferry ticket to depart at 1700/1710 (Ohara or Uehara port), and if we missed this ferry somehow, can we get on the next available ferry back to Ishigaki port?

Last question. We understand most people will take the buffalo ride to Yubu Island. However, if we want to experience walking over, do we walk on the same path as the buffalo? If yes, how deep (or shallow) is the water?

Thank you very much in advance.
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Re: Iriomote Island bus and ferry information 2019/8/21 15:42
Hi, I'm going to Iriomote for work soon. It's my first time visit so I am also not an expert but I will share what I researched for my trip.

The public bus operator does have a website.

Scroll down the page and you will find PDFs that list the timetable and fares in English.

It seems the ferries are rarely full booked, so I assume you can get the final ferry back to Ishigaki, but of course you have to purchase tickets again.

Some website in Japanese says the sea between Iriomote and Yubu is very shallow, around the level of your ankle to your knee. When the tide is high, the water will get to your waist.
Note that you have to pay 600 yen to enter the Yubu island even if you don't take the buffalo ride and be aware of buffalo droppings.

Let's enjoy our trips!
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Re: Iriomote Island bus and ferry information 2019/8/24 01:24
Thank you so much, Manami san.
That was very helpful information! 😊

We checked the tides using the link provided in japan-guide.com and found that the estimated tide is low that day (0.40 meters), so it should be okay to walk across. Will take note of the droppings.
We also checked some websites and it seems there is only round trips for the buffalo cart ride, and no option for 1-way. And, the duration of the ride is purely based on the mood of the buffalo.

Hope you will have a good trip.
Please share your experience, if you do not mind.

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Re: Iriomote Island bus and ferry information 2019/8/24 01:45
oh.. forgot to add..

In a worst case scenario, where we got stranded on the island because we missed the last bus, is it easy to get a taxi along the only main road? or what options would we have?

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