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Peninsula Boso 2019/8/19 20:13
Hi All,

I am coming to Japan again for family trip. I plan to spend 11-18 Oct in Peninsula Boso. I will be coming from Tokyo with 2 young gals with the mind of visiting the Farm and Seaworld.

I have secured my stay in Kimitsu City from 14-18 Oct but I am still looking at 11-14 Oct to cover Tateyama area during the falls - flower trail. I like to know what should i be planning for the entire trip to cover Peninsula Boso by driving. Where I shall be covering and to experience.

At this juncture, i haven't secured my hotel from 11-14 Oct which i also need advise too.

Hope can hear from you all.

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Re: Peninsula Boso 2019/8/20 09:10
I can only make educated guesses at the places you are referring to vaguely - by "Farm" I presume Mother Farm, and then the others, Kamogawa Seaworld, plus the Boso Flowerline.
For the flowers though your timing is not right - the most famous flowers are the canolas which bloom in late winter. There are others as well which come out mostly Dec-Mar. It may not be as good as you hoped. There are some flower parks you could go to though, like the Aloha Garden and Shirahama Flower Park.

Really though, one of the highlights of the area is Nokogiriyama - it would be a shame if you missed it.
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Re: Peninsula Boso 2019/8/20 09:55
I agree that the timing might not be the best for the flowers.
Also, are you spending the whole 8 days around the Boso Peninsula? It sounds a bit long. I would also recommend finding accommodation along the peninsula, instead of returning to Kimitsu.
Highlights would be Mother Fram, Yoro Keikoku (Yoro Canyon/Valley), Nokogiriyama, Nojimazaki Lighthouse, Kamogawa Seaworld, Katsuura observatory. I donft know if you want to cover (go around the peninsula all the way to the eastern part) and visit the long beach (just for viewing) and Choshi Lighthouse as well.
Each of these was a day-trip distance from Chiba for me, when I was in school.
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Re: Peninsula Boso 2019/8/20 10:37
We too had done a road trip in the Chiba Prefecture including the Boso Peninsula but during springtime. Take a look at some of our trip photos below and see what is of interest to you.

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Re: Peninsula Boso 2019/8/20 18:16
I could see a lazy 4-5 days around the Boso Peninsula - but 8 days is way too long. If you include a few more places in Chiba prefecture such as Sawara - then this might be a reasonable amount of time.

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Re: Peninsula Boso 2019/8/22 15:30
Thanks for the feedbacks.. let me re-look my plan again.. will come back and ask more..
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