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Autumn Plan 2019/8/20 00:38
Hi there,
I plan to visit japan to on 30Nov-10Dec
Osaka-> 30Nov-3Dec
Kyoto -> 4Dec-5Dec
Tokyo -> 6Dec-9Dec
***Above cities are able to reschedule***
Need help whether will I still have a chance to see Autumn Leaves.

Thank you very much
by Charles007  

Re: Autumn Plan 2019/8/20 09:03
At that time a few days can make a lot of difference even though I think you might be a little late. We usually find the leaves turning brown pretty much at that time (when the icy winds start), so I would go to Kyoto first, where there should still be some colour about.
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Re: Autumn Plan 2019/8/20 13:39
Agree with Lazy Pious, go for Kyoto as your first destination.
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