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When does shop at Yoshida 5th station close? 2019/8/20 02:00
Hi all, I'll be climbing Mount Fuji next week and heard about the walking sticks you can buy at the souvenir shop and have branded at each station. I plan to do the sunrise hike and was wondering if anybody knew when the gift shop at 5th station closes so that I could make sure to be there to buy a hiking stick on time.

Also if anybody knows whether the branding is done through the night that would be great go know as well!

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Re: When does shop at Yoshida 5th station close? 2019/8/21 15:57
I just quickly googled in Japanese and found that the gift shop closes at 17:00.
I couldn't get your second question, sorry.
Hope you enjoy your time in Fuji san.
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