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Yakushima ferry tickets 2019/8/20 02:38
Yesterday I tried to book ferry tickets for a November itinerary from Kagoshima to Yakushima by using direct ferries, as it's recommended on the yakushima travel guide here on japan-guide.com. Unfortunately there seems to be a software bug on the direct ferries site. Instead of charging about 17000 yen to my credit card, they tried to charge 17000 gbp and so made my bank block my credit card. It's been quite an issue to get the card unblocked again yesterday evening, so I surely will not try again to make a booking via direct ferries on their website.

Unfortunately direct ferries also haven't answered to the e-mail I've sent yesterday so far, so I don't know if I could make bookings via phone instead.

So can you recommend other ways of booking ferry tickets from Kagoshima to Yakushima and back again? I'd like to take the jetfoil boat to Miyanoura on Nov 3rd and back to Kagoshima on Nov 7th, and I'm planning to arrive to Kagoshima on the evening of Nov 1st. Would Nov 2nd be early enough to buy the tickets just at Kagoshima harbour? Or should I try to buy tickets in advance? Where could I buy them, if not on direct ferries?

Thank you!

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Re: Yakushima ferry tickets 2019/8/20 08:45
I hope that your credit card issue will be solved soon and I would not worry much about it since it is Japan. I have traveled to Yakushima few times including a two months long November trip (https://bizarrejourneys.com/yakushima). I never had to book an advance ferry ticket as November is usually a quite low season and particularly this year, which seems to be exceptionally quite for Yakushima in terms of tourist numbers. I however know that few hiking/travel agencies based in Yakushima offer ferry booking services - you may or may not be required to book a hike with them. One of those agencies is Yes Yakushima - https://www.yesyakushima.com/getting-to-yakushima/by-sea/ I hope you enjoy your trip to wonderful Yakushima and dont hesitate to contact if you have any additional queries.
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Re: Yakushima ferry tickets 2019/8/21 01:03
Thank you for your advice!

So I think I'm gonna take the risk and buy the tickets after arriving in Kagoshima.
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