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Bringing Medicines to Japan 2019/8/21 01:01

I'll soon be travelling with a friend that has to take the following medicines daily:

- Enanplus
- Zaldiar
- Naproxen
- Yurelax

They are all pill-format medicines and they act as muscle relaxers and anti-inflamatory, for his back problems. Of course, he has the proper medical prescriptions, but I would like to know if further paperwork will be required for him in order to carry them with him past the airport.

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Re: Bringing Medicines to Japan 2019/8/22 03:35
Typically the problems are with bringing in stimulants, psychotropics, and narcotics/opiods.

Two of the medicines you list could be very problematic.
Enanplus is listed as Tramadol, an opiod. Zaldiar is listed having the same drug, just a different name.

Instead of asking here, you should be asking the Japanese government.
You might need a "Yakkan Shoumei" which is a kind of import certificate or a document of advance notification of bringing in the meds.
I suggest you e-mail, phone or fax the government officials in the link above. It could take a few weeks to get things ready, so don't delay.

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Re: Bringing Medicines to Japan 2019/8/23 18:08
Thanks for the valuable information, I'll have him contact them as soon as possible.
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Re: Bringing Medicines to Japan 2019/8/27 17:23
I'll leave this here because it might be useful to other people in the same situation:

"Thank you for your e-mail.

Within 30 day supply is no problem.

No paperwork required.

Medicinal Inspection and Guidance Division

Kanto Shinetsu Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare"
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