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Mt. Nokogiriyama 2019/8/23 00:23
Hi read about the above from this website. May I know:

1. Travel from Tokyo Station to Hamakanaya station is it covered under Tokyo wide pass? (as it's not mentioned).

2. Is the ropeway (up & down) frequent? or is there time table?

3. About how many hours to visit the area (including temple, kannon, statues, jigoku, daihutsu) as not sure how far to walk from 1 point to the other

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Re: Mt. Nokogiriyama 2019/9/2 05:45
Hamakanaya is covered by the Tokyo Wide Pass.

The ropeway runs every 5 minutes from 9 am to 6 pm in the summer. Shorter closing hours in the off season.

The time spent depends on how far you go. Just going up the ropeway, hiking to the lookout and back down the ropeway might take an hour and half, but hiking down to the Stone Buddha and temples and hiking down to Hota Station to catch a train back to Tokyo, or to hike along the coast back to Hamakanaya would take half a day. To hike back up the mountain from the Stone Buddha and temple to the top of the ropeway and back down would probably take 3 hours. Add a meal at the "The Fish" or Maruhama by the ferry terminal would add another hour or so.
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Re: Mt. Nokogiriyama - Locker in Hamakanaya Station? 2019/9/2 17:15
Hi Thanks for reply!

Will take ropeway up & down both ways, only hike when up there to visit 1 point to the other & back to ropeway station to take ropeway down to base station, so hope 3 hour is good enough.

Do u know is there luggage storage place or big luggage locker in Hamakanaya station?

Thanks looking forward to visit this place!
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Re: Mt. Nokogiriyama 2019/9/2 17:26
I suppose Ltd Exp Shinjyuku Sazanami is covered under Tokyo wide pass too?
need to reserve seat or can take unreserve seat as well? Thanks!
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Re: Mt. Nokogiriyama 2019/9/2 18:43
Yes, the Ltd Exp Shinjuku Sazanami is covered by the Tokyo Wide Pass. The train carries both reserved and unreserved seats. Seat reservations can be made for free with the Tokyo Wide Pass.
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