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Highway bus seat reservation without paying 2019/8/24 20:23
Hi Everyone.

I am planning to have a one day trip to Kawaguchiko and plan to purchase Fujigoko Enjoy Ticket.
I understand this ticket already includes round trip bus to/from Shinjuku but I needed to make a reservation on highway bus website to ensure I have seat on the day of the trip.

I was about make reservation online but it is requiring me to put my credit card details and hence paying upfront. It seems to me that I will be paying double for the reservation and the Fujigoko Enjoy Ticket.

Is it at all possible to reserve without paying? If so, can someone advise me how to do that online? Thanks!
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Re: Highway bus seat reservation without paying 2019/8/25 06:04
Not possible to book online in English, as the English booking site requires payment at the time of booking. (With this pass you are supposed to choose payment at the ticket counter, which will be waived when showing the pass.)

You can book online in Japanese, or by phone.
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Re: Highway bus seat reservation without paying 2019/8/25 09:54
Thanks for the reply. Can I buy the pass and use it some other day instead? I am planning to head to the ticket counter on the day of my visit to Shinjuku to buy the pass and hopefully reserve seat and use it two to three days later. I don't have japanese friends to help me book online unfortunately. :(
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