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BTS 5th Muster in Japan Lottery 2019/8/26 05:53
Hi guys.

So, I have a Japanese address for registering, so that shouldn't be a problem, but I encountered another on the way. I find out that if I win the lottery I'll have to pay at the loppi machine, while I'm not in Japan. Is there any service I could use to get it sorted? Pay someone to pay for me? (if that makes any sense)

I also have another question, do you need to verify your phone number on lawson website? Or is it fine to apply without verifying it?
by Ariel (guest)  

Re: BTS 5th Muster in Japan Lottery 2019/9/6 00:32
As far as I know, you've to directly pay from the loppi machine. So, I think the best thing you can do is to ask your friend in Japan to pay for you.
also, when I buying a ticket from loppi machine, it ask for my phone number. so, you might be asked for your phone number too
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