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Hayama Marina 2019/8/28 09:35
Hello! We are planning to visit some beaches in Hayama and to maximize our trip there, also plan to drop by and see Hayama Marina (hayamamarina.com). My question is, if we WON'T do the cruise, is it a good place to walk around? Or do you think it's not worth going there if not for the cruise?
Thank you in advance!
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Re: Hayama Marina 2019/8/28 15:09
Actually, there's not much walking around to do at Hayama Marina. It's just a little marina that's been there for ages, and the premises is very small with very few visitors.

But it's only a 1 km (about a mile) away along the road from the popular and cozy Morito Beach, and the road itself (Route 207) connects the commercial Zushi area and the Imperial Villa area all along the coast, so if you're visiting beaches either by bus, foot or driving, why not stop by and take a look for yourself?

By the way, if you're visiting in July or August, just staying at one beach would offer you enough as for swimming, dining, drinking and even spa, because there are many facilities all on the beach, and you can visit them in your bathing suits. Morito beach also has a shrine.

If you are visiting on other months, when the huts are closed, may I suggest a walk along the coastal Route 207. You can enjoy the view while stopping by cafes and shops which you may not be allowed to enter in your bathing suits.
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Re: Hayama Marina 2019/8/28 20:13
Dear Uco, Thank you so much! Yes, that's exactly where we're planning to go -- beaches near the Imperial Villa. We're taking the bus, so we will consider dropping by Hayama Marina. You're very helpful. Thanks again! -quicksilver-
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