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Nezu Shrine operating hours 2019/8/28 11:34
Good afternoon,

I'm hoping that someone can clarify a few queries that I have.

I want to visit the Nezu Shrine in Tokyo however I am on a bit of a tight schedule and from what I've researched so far from google, the operating times are a bit confusing to me.

It says that the shrine is open 24/7 however the reception area operating hours are 9am - 4:30pm. I also read that the garden itself will be closed before 9am.
Would this mean that if I arrived between 7am - 8am, I wouldn't be able to see the garden, pond or torii gates?

Thank you very much for your time and any help that you can give me on this!
by Michael (guest)  

Re: Nezu Shrine operating hours 2019/8/28 15:08
The grounds of Nezu shrine as many other shrines are open 24/7.
What they mean with reception is likely the window where you can buy charms.
Regarding the garden, there is a path THROUGH the garden. That one seems to be still closed. But the garden is there. You can see it.

I only ever went during normal hours, but unless you are going there foremost for the azaleas you should be able to see enough.

Enjoy your trip to Tokyo!
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Re: Nezu Shrine operating hours 2019/8/29 14:59

Thank you very much for answering my question :)
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