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SmartEX- seat reservation 2019/8/28 14:34

Can we use Non-Japanese credit card in SmartEX app, for seat reservation/ ticket purchase?

by Ranj  

Re: SmartEX- seat reservation 2019/8/28 23:32
since there are English pages for visitors ( not restricted to foreign residents in Japan), I think they accept foreign credit cards, issued by VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club. but, probably not all cards.
they don't mention about Debit cards. (probably not, because they request your card registration in advance.)
you can use this system without IC card by issuing tickets at station.
also, it is not cheap (almost no discount, sometimes high cost), but convenient, because you can reserve seats through internet and change the reservations easily.
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Re: SmartEX- seat reservation 2019/8/29 08:22
I regularly buy tickets with SmartEx, as recently as yesterday - several times this month. Price is the same for most tickets, some discounts (for example I'm travelling green car for basically the same price as ordinary car later in September for a Kyoto-Tokyo trip.)
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