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Which Pass to purchase 2019/8/28 22:19
Hi all,

This is my travelling plan and please let me know is there a worthwhile pass to buy

Day 1 Narita to Tokyo

Day 2 to Day 3 Tokyo

Day 4 Tokyo to Kawamura

Day 5 Tokyo - Kyoto

Day 6 Kyoto

Day 7 Kyoto

Day 8 Kyoto - Himeji - Kobe - Kyoto

Day 9 Kyoto - Hiroshima/Miyajima

Day 10 Hiroshima - Kyoto - Narita

I figure from day 4 to day 10 i could probably buy a JR 7 day pass?? Do the JR 7 day pass cover the train to Narita ?

How about day 1 to 3? Is there a pass that can cover Narita to Tokyo and let me use the metro line for that 3 days?
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Re: Which Pass to purchase 2019/8/29 13:34
You had better not put Hiroshima -- Kyoto -- Narita on the last day;
a simple happening may result in your missing your outbound flight.
I recommend you reach Tokyo by the previous night.

For your Shinkansen rides
(Hiroshima -- Shin-Osaka -- Kyoto -- Shinagawa | Tokyo),
Japan Rail Pass does not let you use the fastest Mizuho or Nozomi,
therefore it makes your traveling time longer.
Also, between Hiroshima and Kyoto,
because almost all direct trains are Nozomi trains,
your Japan Rail Pass mostly requires you to change trains.

Have you checked flights to and from Haneda [HND] and Kansai [KIX]?

When will you travel? What is the date of Day 1?
When in Day 1 / Day 10 is your flight arrival / departure scheduled?

Where exactly in Tokyo will you stay overnight?
(What railway station is close to your Tokyo hotel?)

Suggested latter half of your itinerary:
Day 7
: Kyoto sightseeing.
: Kyoto Sta. -- Shin-Kobe Sta. | Sannomiya Sta. in the evening.
: Staying overnight in Kobe.
Day 8
: Round trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima.
: Staying overnight in Kobe.
Day 9
: Round trip to Himeji until around noon.
: Kobe sightseeing.
: Shin-Kobe Sta. -- Shinagawa Sta. | Tokyo Sta. in the evening.
: Staying overnight in Tokyo.
Day 10
: Last Tokyo sightseeing.
: Heading to Narita Airport.
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Re: Which Pass to purchase 2019/8/29 16:52

Really appreciate your insight on the last day. I am arriving 7 am on Day 1 - 6 Sept and Departing 9pm on Day 10 - 15 Sept. Will this make the itinerary less risky?

I am planning to stay around asakusa area, tokyo and near the kyoto JR station.
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Re: Which Pass to purchase 2019/8/29 18:47
If you arrive at 7 am you might consider to revert your entire itinerary and head straight from Narita to either Hiroshima (plane??) or to Kyoto (plane/Shinkansen) and start there.

I would feel nervous about having a long distance Shinkansen trip on my departure day. Trains in Japan are extremely reliable but if a typhoon or similar hits train services are frequently interrupted for a day or half.

Also note that in most hotels you canft check in before 15:00 so youfd be out gon the streeth on your arrival day anyway. You could as well get a siesta in the Shinkansen/plane down South.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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