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Weekend cabins 2019/8/29 09:06
Usually I use Expedia to find hotels when traveling, but I'm looking for weekend cabin rentals. The usual websites like Expedia, Booking, etc have very limited options. Are there any websites you know of that lean more towards remote cabins rentals? Looking specifically in the Chubu region and/or nearby.
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Re: Weekend cabins 2019/9/1 08:19
Sorry for my English ability.
Cabin rental is not common in Japan and few establishments there in fact .
Pika Resort operates some weekend cabins in Yamanashi, Saitama, Shizuoka and Kanagawa Prefectures.


I have stayed at Pica Fujiyama at Lake Kawaguchiko, it was very nice.


According to the information , this company is now preparing a multilingual website. You can make a reservation by email in current.

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Re: Weekend cabins 2019/9/1 19:59
I think what you're looking for is what the Japanese call "kashi-bessou" which are quite common. A quick Japanese Internet search led me to Booking.com, and when I switched the language to English, it said that they call it "holiday homes".


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Re: Weekend cabins 2019/9/3 13:26
Are you talking about the following type of cabins?

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Re: Weekend cabins 2019/9/3 13:49
I think what hiker is looking for are those basic cabins often found at prefectural or city parks. There are several places in Hiroshima and Shimane, Iwami Seaside beach park or Katazoe Beach Camping Site for example. I just googled "hiroshima camping cabins" and several options turned up.
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Re: Weekend cabins 2019/9/3 23:36
I think it also depends on time of year. I've seen a few place that close in the Winter.

I think the biggest issue with camping and campgrounds (and their cabins) is most are not accessible via public transport. You really do need a car. If you look up camp grounds or just spend some time with Google Maps in the areas you want to go, you will find a ton. You can also do a search on Glamping in Japan. There are some really lovely looking places. I have stayed in a cabin in Kamikochi. It's a little far for a week end trip from Tokyo.

Good luck!
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