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Hiking/Summit to Mt. Tateyama 2019/8/30 00:47

In October, I would like to go to the Alpine Route, start from Toyama to Matsumoto, during the time at Murodo I would like to go summiting the Mount Tateyama. I have few questions to ask, and please help me to clarify.

1. Is it possible to hike Tateyama during October 21-24 2019?
2. If it is possible to hike, can I do the one day hike start from Murudo station and come back in the same day without stay overnight?
3. If it needs to stay overnight, I heard about campsite, and I am not sure about the tent to borrow since I don't have one, do you have any recommendations about the accommodations since other places seem to be a little too expensive, please suggest.
4. Is it ok for the new hiker? I have some experieced with Mt. Fuji in Fuji-Yoshida route
5. Or do you have any website / information I can study.

Thank you very much for your help.

Anek E.
by findingnumo  

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