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Hokkaido - Osaka, 2 Week Trip 2019/8/31 08:36

I will be travelling to Japan in mid November till early December, from Singapore. We are planning to visit Hokkaido, Tokyo and Osaka. Any recommendations on whether we should head to Hokkaido first and fly out from Osaka, or fly in to Osaka and out from Hokkaido?

This is our plan for now;

Sin - Sapporo > 4 Nights
Sapporo - Tokyo > 3 Nights
Tokyo - Osaka > 6 Nights
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Re: Hokkaido - Osaka, 2 Week Trip 2019/8/31 14:12
Tricky question.

My first impulse was to say, start North move South so itfs not that cold in Sapporo yet.
But then I was thinking of koyo. Assuming you are interested in nature, it would make more sense to start in Osaka, where koyo should be good in Kansai when you arrive and then move north.

But frankly I would drop Sapporo from this trip. Maybe add Kyushu instead? Itfs probably not going to be cold enough yet in early December to have nice snow in Sapporo. So I suspect that it will be only cold.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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