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Kansai Hiroshima or Sanyo Sanin 2019/9/1 04:37
We'll be traveling from 10/19-10/22 in the Kansai region and Hiroshima:
Saturday, 10/19 AM: Osaka to Himeji
Saturday, 10/19 PM: Himeji to Kobe
Saturday, 10/19 PM: Kobe to Hiroshima
Tuesday, 10/22 AM: Hiroshima to Osaka

We're are torn between the Kansai Hiroshima Pass (5 days, 13,500 Yen) and the Sanyo Sanin Pass (7 days, 19,000 Yen). We only need either pass for 4 days, so the pass duration is not a factor.

The main issue is whether we need seat reservations on the trains between the above destinations. With the Kansai Hiroshima Pass, we won't be able to make seat reservations at no charge, whereas we would with the Sanyo Sanin Pass.

Question is mainly: will there be enough seat availability in the unreserved section of those trains? We're especially worried about Kobe to Hiroshima since we won't be getting on at the end of the line (Osaka).

As a backup plan: is there adequate standing room if all the seats are taken? Is it OK to stand on a shinkansen at high speeds?
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Re: Kansai Hiroshima or Sanyo Sanin 2019/9/1 11:03
You are not travelling in a peak season, so you should be fine without seat reservations. If you are worried, arrive at the platform early so you can be first in line to enter the train when it arrives.

The shinkansen are safe to stand and walk in while they are moving.
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Re: Kansai Hiroshima or Sanyo Sanin 2019/9/1 12:41
Agree with PP

The only caveat is the number of people. If you are 2-3 (approx) it should be fine to go unreserved. If the gweh you mention is a group of 15, Ifd go reserved just for the ease of organizing.

I have to admit that I personally prefer unreserved because of the sense of flexibility. Actually even if you have a reservation you can quite easily change it or skip it and go unreserved but it always psychologically feels like you gmust reach/must wait forh this train. While unreserved for me is more relaxing. (Note I normally travel alone between Shinagawa and Shin Osaka on business trip and my company would pay for reserved seat. Actually they would pay for green car. My colleagues think I am nuts for preferring unreserved)

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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