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Cycling from Fukuoka to Oita 2019/9/1 17:06
I am cycling from Fukuoka to Oita in October and would like some advice about known cycling routes, places to see/visit along the way. Staying overnight in Amagase also want to visit Yufuin. Does anyone have any maps or routes for cyclists, or web sites in English to help a visitor to Japan cycle safely across country.
Entire cycling trip includes Going from Fukuoka, Oita, Matsuyama, Onamichi, Kurashiki, Himeji, to Osaka.
Any suggestions welcome.
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Re: Cycling from Fukuoka to Oita 2019/9/2 12:52
One route might be Fukuoka-Dazaifu-HIta-Tuetate-Chojabaru-Kuju-Beppu-Oita


I am sorry I could not find out the English site.
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Re: Cycling from Fukuoka to Oita 2019/9/2 12:55
You can get free map at tourist information center(office), but it is not so wide area.
Check with Google Maps in advance or use a smartphone in Japan.
(buy a data SIM at airport, big rail stn, large electric stores or rent Wi-Fi router)

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Re: Cycling from Fukuoka to Oita 2019/9/2 14:35
I did a cycling trip (plus many other transports plus sightseeing) 2 years ago and kept a blog including a part about planning. Maybe you can find something useful on that blog:


In the planning section, well youfll find my plans (not all of them I managed to execute) and in the rides section the actual rides including strava maps).

- I am not a strong cyclist so I excluded anything with too much hills
- I didnft have enough time to cycle through much of Kyushu so I have only done (from your list) Fukuoka-Dazaifu and Imabari -Onomichi and some cycling around Okayama
- google maps is obviously a tool but gcycling modeh doesnft work for Japan
- try instead strava or Garmin heat maps
- if you consider to ever bring your bicycle on a train (even if only for an emergency (eg really bad weather and you need to get to point XYZ that day because your flight is leaving), know that bicycles on the train strictly must be in a bag! No exceptions. (Technically there is one or two train lines somewhere - Boso and Izumo - where that rule doesnft apply, but this is irrelevant for you)
- generally in Japan cycling lanes are along rivers but Japan isnft The Netherlands so youfll be cycling mostly on normal streets.
- I used Garmin connect to plan, (plus satellite view and my general understanding of street systems in Japan from living there 3 yrs) but maybe with Komoot now available Ifd use that (although I have to admit that I havenft used komoot myself yet, as I am now living in The Netherlands and there are free cycling apps for planning good routes. )
- if you fancy any of my strava rides and need the gpx, let me know.

Enjoy your ride!
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