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Universal Studios Osaka vs Hollywood? 2019/9/2 00:25
We will be visiting Japan last two weeks of this year. Want to see if it worths it for visiting, considering that we have been to the one in US Hollywood a handful of times. We are not interested in doing any of the same rides (Harry Potter/Minions), assuming they are identical. But would like to try any new/unique attractions available only in Japan. So questions:

1)is the Attack on Titan attraction still available by Dec of this year? Read somewhere
online that it was limited, or is it? We would love to take some pics with the titans and watch the attraction if available. Would go there just for that!
2) is the Spider-Man ride kids friendly?
3) If you happened to been to both Hollywood and Osaka, what are the areas that are unique to Japan that we should check it out? We have a 7/10 year olds so interested in family rides only (no extreme roller coasters)
4) are there any unique Japanese anime attractions? What about merchandise that we can buy?
5)we donft speak/read Japanese m - is the park friendly for foreigners in terms of signs?

Thank you!

by DarthBeel (guest)  

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